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Utility companies have faced significant challenges in the past decade. Worldwide there has been a trend of government utilities being privatised. The demands and expectations of customers have also changed over the years. Now customers want top of the line customer support, uninterrupted services and the ability to manage and upgrade their service packages at will. This has created technological challenges for utilities forcing them to improve their technical infrastructure. To remain profitable; they need to embrace the latest technologies like blockchain, digital transformation and big data analytics. Concurrently there has also been an increase in regulatory pressures on utilities. Government regulators around the world are demanding utility companies to become more efficient and environmentally conscious.


Our Expertise
InnoWave provides digital transformation services to utilities companies of all sizes. Our digital transformation services include analysing your critical business processes to remove bottlenecks and optimising traditional processes to increase efficiency. This offering is most useful for older organisations wanting to become more productive and make better use of their existing resources. Our IoT offerings lets utilities upgrade their exisitng infrastructure to create new integrated solutions by connecting existing sensors. Our artificial intelligence offerings also allow for the analysis of legacy data to create predictive models. InnTeract our chatbot platform is a highly customisable and domain agnostic solution that is suitable for organisations of all sizes. Innteract lets you create chatbots that offer 24/7 customer support and can use your existing product data to upsell services.



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