Financial Services
Due to the rapid changes in technology, the financial services industry has seen many changes in the last two decades. As fintech companies with more agile thinking enter the financial services space, the competition has become fiercer. All financial services companies will need a robust digital transformation plan to stay relevant. Even the most important and oldest financial institutions must innovate and make use of the reliable customer data they possess to create tailor-made solutions for the customers. Traditional financial institutions with their treasure trove of information on their customers. Using emerging technologies like Big Data and AI, they must offer their customers better products and services.


Our Expertise
InnoWave has developed chatbots for better customer experience. InnTeract, our chatbot platform offers fully customisable chatbot solutions. Our Innovation team has experience in building blockchain products. Our AI offerings lets organisations take full advantage of their legacy data to create better products. Financial institutions will need a stronger online presence to deal with the queries of their customers and to provide information on their products. InnTeract has strong mood sensing capabilities built in to determine the nature of the conversational experience. It can recommend products based on a person’s mood and disposition. Our chatbot solution has been successfully used by industry leaders to service customer needs, increase engagement and get new customers.


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