The past decade has seen substantial disruption in the insurance services sector. Previously untouchable insurance companies must now compete with newer entries that are more agile and make better use of emerging technologies. The challenge for older established insurance companies is clear – offer more innovative products and services or risk losing potential customers. Today we see insurance companies making a move to the Cloud, using AI and analytics platforms and implementing better security. In many instances, established financial institutions with access to legacy data are being challenged by new entrants with better technology. Agile firms are already leveraging their customer data to provide tailor-made products and services.


Our Expertise
With the rush to build cloud platforms that serve thousands of customers comes the need for developing and testing as well. We have experience in building secure, scalable cloud applications in Salesforce and other platforms that can serve thousands of users concurrently. Our AI offerings let you extract valuable insights from your customer data. InnoWave has helped organisations implement agile testing methods and test-driven development. InnTeract, our chatbot platform, offers seamless and scalable customer service with a high degree of personalisation. InnTeract also has knowledge crawling capabilities to go through your existing data to form interactive responses.

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