Telco & Media
There is a significant demand for value-added services and the expectation of high-quality connectivity from consumers today.

The rise of mobile phones and the customer demand for OTT services are two significant disruptors in the media and telecom industry.

Self-driving cars, robotic surgery, IoT applications and holographic displays are just a few of the developments of the near future.

The one size fits all model of telecom services is becoming obsolete.

From being a service provider, telecom operators are turning into a platform for connecting people to services and products. With the rise in consumption of media through mobile devices, operators are shifting to providing OTT content. Media streaming providers are finding out that people want the best quality video streams, even on their mobile devices.


Our Expertise
With the disruptions in the media and telecom sector, the need of the hour is to get a competitive edge by making full use of emerging technologies. We have IoT offerings for Telcos to upgrade their existing infrastructure and to make it compliant to global standards. With our multidisciplinary approach, we have helped Telcos deploy successful B2B and B2C solutions. InnoWave has Artificial Intelligence as a service offering that enables you to gain insights from your customer data. These insights have helped organizations save costs, provide more efficient services and expand their product line. InnTeract our chatbot platform is a highly customizable and domain agnostic solution that is suitable for organizations of all sizes. InnTeract lets you create chatbots that offer 24/7 customer support and can use your existing product data to upsell. InnoWave’s InnSpect One is a hardware solution that provides insight into the quality of your broadcasts. It has 200+ KPIs that provide real-time monitoring and offers immediate alerts if broadcast-quality goes down.


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