Automation Testing Tool

No-Code Implementation

Deploy and Test applications at your Convenience


InnSpect is an automation testing tool that empowers the user by allowing no-code implementation of complex automation testing scenarios. With the ability to create and schedule tests on different platforms and remotely monitor performance, InnSpect ensures that you have the confidence to deploy and test applications at your convenience.




looking to quickly bring a defect free product to market, and any other organization that is looking to enhance their media streaming capabilities.


with a remote testing team.


AI-based exploratory testing features


Innspect’s automatically detects new UI elements and removes outdated test cases.  

Cross-device and platform agnostic testing capabilities

Support for Command line, Salesforce, web and mobile apps and STB(Set top boxes). 

Integrations for CI/CD testing

Inbuilt integration with Jenkins for ease of use. 

Benchmark the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience(QoE)

Measure your performance against your competitors and get realtime data on  the quality of service being delivered to  your customers. 


Media Streaming Quality Checks


In the domain of media streaming, Innspect has a host of features to ensure that the customer is getting the best quality of live media streams. Innspect has 100+ KPIs for media streams and detects common problems like blurred images, audio desync, packet loss and more.    

Remote Team Management features

InnSpect is cloud-hosted and allows you to manage teams remotely. You can schedule test cases and even access the live-stream of any device being tested remotely.  

IntegrationsInnSpect has support for a variety of third-party integrations and APIs. InnSpect is effective on corporate platforms like SAP, Oracle, web applications, mobile apps, command-line testing, and web services, among others.  

Benchmark against competitors

You can test the performance of your current builds with regards to competitors, or newer builds in development through our benchmarking tools.   

AI Features

InnSpect has artificial intelligence features that make defect detection much easier. With the ability to detect changes in UI elements, InnSpect can automatically delete outdated test cases.  


Easy Deploy

Cost Benefits

Market Benchmark

Simplification and Automation

Artificial Intelligent

  • Easy Deploy

  • Cost Benefits

  • Market Benchmark

  • Simplification and Automation

  • Artificial Intelligent