• Risk Evaluation

  • Assess Current Level of Cybersecurity

  • Security as a Partner

  • Strengthen Global Security

We are an expert team with years of experience in Cyber Security Management and Risk Evaluation, incorporating both defensive and offensive security skills. Our expertise is invaluable for organisations looking to protect themselves and assess their current level of cybersecurity preparedness.

Our model is “Security as a Partner”. We aim to be a security partner, a natural extension of the internal teams, that will help clients strengthen their global security posture. We work in cooperation to create a high level of security preparedness.


Utilities, usually being national or critical regional infrastructures, have seen in the past few years an increase in attacks. Most of these attacks are nation or state sponsored. They are perpetrated by highly technological and advanced entities, that use undisclosed vulnerabilities (known as zero-day) to affect the availability of critical infrastructures, sometimes with regional, or even national, effects. Some of these attacks, known as Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) stay undetected in the target infrastructure for months or even years.


The rapid adoption of IoT will result in more and more companies deploying these devices in their services. The arrival of 5G technologies will significantly expand this deployment and accordingly, its attack surface. The highly sensitive information insurance companies hold, including private health data, is a desirable target to attackers. This past year saw an increase in ransomware attacks that use data disclosure as a threat to guarantee a secure income. Insurance companies will also continue the trend to supply cybersecurity insurances and will face the challenge of lack of expertise, risking evaluation errors that could result in financial loss.


Our cybersecurity offer to the healthcare sector will focus on reviewing security on existing architectures and helping integrate security in the design of new IoT or IoMT systems. We’ll also provide services that address two of the most common cybersecurity incidents in the industry: data breaches and ransomware attacks.



In an industry primarily focused on availability, it’s predictable that attacks that disrupt this availability will be a significant concern. Besides this, the interoperability of new technologies with existing legacy systems poses considerable challenges while designing secure systems that are aligned with first-to-market business goals. Assessing the security of existing systems and helping develop and integrate new ones with a security-by-design mentality, will be the focus of our offer to this industr